Christian Aid, supported by our friends at Sabeel Kairos are facilitating young adults to have their voices heard in a prayerful expression of solidarity with the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, calling on the UK to cease arming Israel as it pursues its genocidal war against the people of Gaza.


Join us as we prayerfully protest the selling of arms to a state known to be violating the rights and dignity of Palestinians in Gaza. As young adult Christians, we demand an end to UK complicity, call out those profiting from the slaughter of Palestinians and urge those with faith to follow Jesus’ example and act for justice. Silence is complicity. 

We’ll be targeting companies known to be selling weapons, parts and intellectual property for the machinery of war to Israel made in the UK. 

Sign up via the link in our linktree (you may register anonymously, but we need to have an idea of numbers for safety reasons).