At the APF AGM on Saturday 19th October, the results from the vote on the motion to change the name from ‘Anglican Pacifist Fellowship’ to ‘Anglican Peacemakers Fellowship’ was announced.  The count showed that there were 105 votes received out of 544 members.  Those in favour were 65; those against 39; and 1 unclear ballot.  This 62% majority in favour of changing the name did not reach the 2/3 (67%) majority required for this motion to be carried.

After a discussion amongst those present at the AGM, it was decided that ‘ in light of the clear simple majority & narrowness of 2/3 majority we feel it appropriate to hold a repeat vote next year (2020).’

This will allow the usual period of consultation and comment before the next AGM in 2020.

If you have any questions or comments on this, please do contact Sue Claydon, APF Chair, directly at


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