APF is delighted to announce that it has been accepted into the Community of the Cross of Nails (CCN).  This Community is a network of churches and Christian organisations sharing a common commitment to work and pray for peace, justice and reconciliation.  There are over 200 members based in 45 countries. Each member is committed to reaching out in obedience to Christ’s command to love their enemies and forgive those who do harm.  Membership of the CCN is inspired by the story of Coventry Cathedral.

The acceptance of APF into the Community of the Cross of Nails is testament to the Fellowship’s ongoing work in peacemaking and reconciliation.  This is an encouraging development for APF following close links with Coventry Cathedral over many years. It provides an exciting opportunity for APF to develop its commitment to peace and reconciliation.  CCN and APF are both international organisations so there will be opportunities to strengthen relationships and grow links between like-minded people across the globe.

APF Members are welcome to take part in the events that will mark the joining CCN.  Firstly, there will be a Blessing of the Cross at Coventry Cathedral Eucharist on Sunday 8th April at 10.30am.  Members of APF are welcome to attend.  Crosses for several other new member organisations will also be blessed at this service.

Secondly, the Cross of Nails will be formally presented to APF on Saturday 21st April, at the joint FoR, APF, MPF Conference in Leeds.   Alice Farnhill, the Community of the Cross of Nails’ Project Officer and member of the Reconciliation Ministry Team, will present the Cross during a dedicated service which will seal APF’s membership in the Community.  Alice will also be running a reconciliation workshop as part of the conference programme. For more information on this event and the Conference visit the website.

The Community of the Cross of Nails is an organic network of partners who partake in mutual support, fellowship, and occasional joint action.  Members of APF are encouraged to take part in this fellowship by participating in CCN gatherings and pilgrimages; and developing links with and praying for fellow members.

For more information contact Tilly at the APF office.

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