On 21st October we celebrated 80 years of APF with a gathering at University Church of St Mary the Virgin, Oxford.  During the day we heard from John Bond, of Initiatives of Change.  He spoke about the dramatic changes of heart in Christian and Muslim Leaders in the Lebanese Civil War which lead them to work tirelessly for peace and conflict resolution in Lebabnon today. Watch the inspiring video here.

One of our new trustees, Lucy Barbour, gave a presentation and stimulated discussion about ideas for how APF can increase its influence and effectiveness within the Church and encourage peacemaking.  We shared the Eucharist, ate lunch together and then visited to the APF sponsored exhibition Faith and Peace at Christ Church Cathedral.

Finally we held the AGM, at which the result of the ballot for Chair was announced.  Sue Claydon, formerly Vice-Chair, was elected as Chair of APF, and has taken over the post from Nat Reuss.

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