For some years now the people of Syria have had to suffer death, injury and destruction.  The use of chemical weapons must be confronted.  The use of military as a response to this will not bring peace, but only more suffering.

The use of aerial bombing is indiscriminate and we know has led to increasing the likelihood of terrorist reprisals.  In both these situations it is the ordinary citizens who suffer most, especially women and children.

The need to work for a genuine peace – which is not easy and does not happen quickly – is what is needed now and not talk of war.

As Christians we urge all the Governments who are involved or speaking of involvement in Syria to remember the suffering people of Syria and work to bring peace to them.

We urge the British Prime Minister, the US President and the President of France. the President of Russia and the President of Syria to consider the long-term outcome for the Syrian people of any action they take.

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