APF Members Day & AGM:

28th October 2016 at Peace House, Oxford.


Members met to reflect on the 2016 theme of Conscience Objection and for the AGM.

Included in the day was a moving reading of a speech by Kenneth Wadd, a CO in 1939.  Christopher Idle then shared his experience of a tribunal in 1957 when he was 18 and how people reacted then and in the years to follow.

Robin Brookes, a Director of ‘Conscience’ introduced himself as a ‘Conscience Objector to paying war taxes’.  He went on to discuss the second reading of the ‘Peace Tax’ Bill on 2 December, encouraging us to write to our MPs to bring it to their attention. ‘Conscience’ is also asking everyone who objects to their taxes being used to kill people to write a personal statement of conscience either on a form and posted to Conscience or filled in online on Conscience’s website.

Revd. Donald Reece celebrated the Annual APF Eucharist.

A re-recording of the talk Nat Ruess, Chair of APF, gave to the AGM can be listened to here

During the AGM, Tony Kempster, who is retiring after many years as General Secretary was thanked for all his service.

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